Boundless Wireless

Experience the Freedom of Boundless Connectivity
Travis Bend
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Staying connected is crucial for both my business and personal life, and Boundless Wireless provides me with unlimited internet connectivity, no matter where I go. They offer an exceptional service that enables me to seamlessly communicate with dispatch, manage my driving logs, and even keep in touch with loved ones.
Nathan Harrison
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Being able to stay connected and not having to worry about limited amounts of data I can use has been such a relief. I can relax knowing that I'm not going to be limited or even lose connection. I'm always able to stay in touch and do what I need to do online.
Victor & Jen
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As a husband wife trucking team we need to be able to have internet all the time. It helps us pass the time and keep in touch with loved ones. Having unlimited internet across the country makes our job so much easier and fun.

Say goodbye to buffering and hello to seamless connectivity for the mobile workforce.

Boundless Wireless offers a reliable, fixed wireless service that will keep you connected no matter where you are. With no contracts or hidden fees, you can rest easy knowing that you’re always connected with the best service in the industry.
Easy to install modems

Don’t let slow internet hold you back. Get fast and reliable internet with Boundless Wireless and the GTEN® Modems. With GTEN® Modems, you can easily install and connect your internet service in less than 3 minutes. Our modems are designed for easy self-installation, so you won’t need to worry about having a technician come in for installation. Get online quickly and stay connected with our nationwide network.

Exceptional Support
We understand that you need a reliable and dedicated internet connection in order to stay productive and connected. That’s why we provide exceptional support to our customers. Our team of innovators is here to provide support anytime you need us. With Boundless Wireless, you can get the fast and reliable internet service you need, plus the support you deserve.

Incredible Value and Affordability!

Get ready for boundless connectivity with Boundless Wireless! Experience our unbeatable plans starting at just $79.99 a month. With Boundless, you’ll enjoy truly unlimited data fixed wireless network. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to limitless possibilities with Boundless Wireless!